About Us

What is Ohio 296 Farmhouse Candles?

To me it’s EVERYTHING. Rewind to the past several months, it was all unfolding and the picture was already being painted. I just didn’t know it. The idea of starting Ohio 296 Farmhouse Candles did not come from a time of happiness. But instead, was inspired by grief.

To the great man above, he already knew. He knew that December 2020 was going to crush me with the death of my father, that school was finishing and quickly everything I knew, was suddenly changing. He knew that I loved my boys dearly but that when the house became silent during the night, that I was going to need an Avenue to escape to.

Ohio 296 for short, Is not only the house that sits on this road but it’s a home. A home just like many others. That has experience the highs and lows. But strives to do better the following day. To create a space, that will not only give you the cozy or freshening feels without all the harmful toxins but giving you an opportunity to find your Avenue and to trust the bigger picture.

When you hear Ohio 296, think of that home, and picture her boys, running around the kitchen island as I am pouring the candle that you have requested. Do you hear the laughter and feel the happiness? I do...

Slow down. Enjoy the moment and most importantly, create your own home. Find your Avenue, and create the happiness that you need.

Love always 🖤
Ohio 296 Farmhouse Candles
Hand poured with happiness